Online betting platform with more than a million active users in different markets, playing different games and with different user behavior.


A common challenge for all companies that work with clients or even B2B need to know who their users are, how much money they spend, and which product or service is the most attractive to them.

In this particular case study, priorities of the projects were to automatically detect segments, track user's changes in behavior, and prepare reports for Risk and Marketing so they can execute strategic plans based on data.

What we did

  • Cluster data about users and their transactions
  • Automated clustering and tracking changes
  • Prepared dashboards and reports


Market segmentation has enabled the client to obtain subgroups of their clients, with characteristics that are relevant to them. This way, the client can compare ML-derived segments with their existing segments created by mere business rules.

Final result is decision support tool for executing marketing strategies and managing risk.