An online betting platform serving 10s of thousands of players daily while customer support has their hands full. The catch, however, is that majority of support tickets are repetitive!


It is all about the user interface. The goal of each business is to provide an appealing interface which is clever enough and which can work on its own for the majority of cases.

The client approached us with an idea to create a chatbot solution that is able to automate responses and keep control when needed.

What we did

Our solution was chatbot interface which is learning over time and suggesting answers to the administrator and has an admin panel where customer support personnel can jump in and take over the conversation. The continuous learning module is working in the background and picking up unseen answers to automate this part as well through time.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso / Unsplash


Chatbot successfully responded to ~40% of all queries and significantly reduced load of human operators.

Just like everybody else, we had data.

But we needed help on how to tackle the issue of extracting useful information from our data.We are totally happy with the state of the art AI engine Smartcat has created for us.
This enables us to provide unique experience to our customers by using Smartcat's data driven AI model.